Air Conditioning Evaporator
Equipment for concentrating or precipitating grains from solution by heating. It mainly consists of heating chamber and evaporation chamber. The heating chamber provides the heat needed for evaporation of the liquid, and promotes the boiling vaporization of the liquid. The evaporation chamber completely separates the gas and liquid phases. The vapor produced in the heating chamber contains a large amount of liquid foam, which can be separated from the vapor by self-condensation or demister when it reaches the evaporation chamber in a larger space. Usually, the demister is located on the top of the evaporation chamber.
The evaporator can be divided into atmospheric pressure, pressurization and decompression according to the operating pressure. According to the movement of the solution in the evaporator, there are: (1) circulating type. The boiling solution passes through the heating surface many times in the heating chamber, such as the central circulation pipe type, the hanging basket type, the external heating type, the Lewen type and the forced circulation type, etc. (2) One-way type. The boiling solution passes through the heating surface once in the heating chamber without circulating flow, and then the concentrated liquid is discharged, such as rising film type, falling film type, stirring film type and centrifugal film type. (3) Direct contact type. The heating medium is directly in contact with the solution for heat transfer, such as submerged combustion evaporator. In order to save heating steam, multi-effect evaporator and steam recompression evaporator can be used. Evaporators are widely used in chemical and light industries.
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