1.Customers in the normal storage and maintenance, conditions of use, for the manufacture of quality products which will not be normal, with five packages (maintenance, Baotui, shifting and guarantee to pay compensations, packet discounted) equipment services.

2.In the quality of information received feedback, will be handled within 24 hours. rushed to the scene and do 100 hours dealing with the problem, question the normal operation and then analyze the causes and define responsibilities.

3.To provide the necessary technical paper products manufactured products and a certificate.

4.According to the agreement the timely provision of spare parts or customer demand for spare parts and installation, debugging, maintenance services and technical training for staff to the customers.

5.Large projects will be organized in accordance with the requirements of the tender document production, testing, inspection and acceptance with customers scene. 6. Organized strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 standard raw materials, spare parts procurement and the production test.



Customers using the product in the process, if a product is found not normal, Marketing Advisory Center to the Ministry immediately after-sales service, the model will be used, specifications, the use of environmental fault. elaborate on the date of purchase and service requirements. By the Department of suggestions on how to handle after-sales service, remain unresolved, and then send or other treatment.


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